Wicked Chicken Cafe

Owner Ed Pupillo, left, and general manager and executive chef Terry Rasmussen plan to open Wicked Chicken Cafe on Jan. 18.

Business owner Ed Pupillo will open a new restaurant on High Ridge Boulevard focused on breakfast and lunch.

Wicked Chicken Cafe, 3021 High Ridge Blvd., will open Tuesday.

The restaurant’s hours will be 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, Pupillo said.

“You can come in at 7 o’clock and get a smash burger or 2 o’clock and get omelets or scrambled eggs,” he said.

Pupillo said the restaurant will be open for just breakfast and lunch because of limited parking space.

He also owns and operates Pupillo’s Banquet and Event Center, which is just a few doors down at 3033 High Ridge Blvd.

He said the event space can accommodate 200 people, so he wanted to make sure parking was available for wedding receptions and other evening events.

Pupillo said the 3,500-square-foot space for the new restaurant has been under renovation since July when The Ridge moved out.

Pupillo said he and his general manager and executive chef Terry Rasmussen looked at menus from around the country for inspiration for the Wicked Chicken Cafe.

“We’re trying to do things that nobody in the area does,” Pupillo said. “Most people think of a slinger with red chili; well, our slinger will be with white chicken chili.”

Rasmussen said the eggs benedict will be made with a puff pastry.

“People think we’re just a chicken place; we are not just a chicken place,” Pupillo said.

Other menu items will include tacos, chicken and waffles, s’mores pancakes, Mediterranean-style avocado toast and banana splits. The cafe also will offer cakes and pies, either by the slice or entire ones. The restaurant also will have a full bar and will feature specialty drinks, like breakfast margarita, mimosas and boozy smoothies.

Pupillo has owned the Grand Slam restaurant, 519 Mae Court, in unincorporated Fenton, for 14 years, and he said a customer favorite there, the Pupillo Italian Salad, will be on the menu at Wicked Chicken. “That’s always been a signature dish,” he said.

He also owns Your Patch Store, an internet-based company run out of the basement of the building where Wicked Chicken Cafe will be housed.

Pupillo said Jan. 6 he had hired about 14 people for Wicked Chicken and was looking to hire about six or eight more.