Sue Wright of Arnold sent in this photo of her dog, Willie.

Sue Wright of Arnold sent in this photo of her dog, Willie, decked out in glasses and reading a paper.

Willie allowed owner Sue Wright to put glasses on him long enough for this photo to be taken in her Arnold home in 2017. He was 3 at the time.

“I just put the glasses on him like he was reading the paper,” Wright said. “He sat still.”

Willie, a toy poodle, is now 5.

“He’s just a fun dog to have, very loving,” Wright said. “He acts like a little human, actually, very good personality. He does whatever we want him to do. He’s smart.”

Wright said Willie is an active dog.

“He’s playful,” she said. “He plays with his toys. He likes to play fetch.”

Willie also is warm to people he knows.

“He’s very friendly with family members,” Wright said.

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