intersection of Seckman and Old Lemay Ferry road

This file photo shows the intersection of Seckman and Old Lemay Ferry roads.

After years of planning, construction to convert the Seckman Road intersection at Old Lemay Ferry Road and Lions Den Road in Imperial from a four-way stop to a roundabout is scheduled to begin June 23.

Jefferson County Public Works Director Jason Jonas said the project is needed to deal with an increase in traffic along Seckman Road, particularly at the intersection and in front of the Seckman schools campus.

He said a comprehensive traffic study was completed in June 2018 and concluded that a roundabout at that intersection, which has a traffic flow of about 5,000 vehicles a day, would be the most efficient way to address current traffic, as well as potential growth for the next 20 years.

“There are two main concerns of this project,” Jonas said. “Pedestrian improvements and traffic safety improvements.”

Jonas said the project, which will be completed in two phases over the next year – if the weather cooperates – will take into account the intense use of the area by pedestrians.

“This is a highly traveled pedestrian corridor,” he said. “There are a lot of walkers and a lot of bikers, and we can’t get the traffic to a safe enough speed.”

Jonas said shoulders will be raised to better separate walkers from vehicles. The improvements also will include better lighting and many crosswalks, some activated by buttons.

“All of it will be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant,” he said.

An improved crosswalk and new traffic signals at the Seckman schools campus also should be welcome, Jonas said.

“We’re really trying to increase pedestrian safety,” he said.

The roundabout, Jonas said, should help to bring vehicle speed down while moving traffic more efficiently through the intersection.

“We’ll also have a left-turn lane into the gas station (a Phillips 66 Express Mart at Seckman and Old Lemay Ferry roads), where it really gets congested. The left-turn lane into the schools campus isn’t long enough now, and it will be lengthened, which should help with congestion there in the mornings and afternoons.”

Jonas said work around the Seckman campus will be done in July and August before school resumes this fall.

Gershenson Construction Co. in Eureka was the lowest of four bidders for the project at $2,515,200, a bit below the estimated cost of $2,661,416. The company agreed to complete the project within 145 working days.

The federal government will pay half of the cost of the project, with the rest paid for through the county’s share of a countywide 1/2-cent sales tax for road and bridge improvements.

Jonas said there will be partial lane closures throughout the construction period but there should be no need for a full closure.

Work to resume near

Northwest High soon

Jonas said work should resume soon on another road project near a school.

Workers from Jokerst Paving and Contracting Inc. in Festus have been working since March on a project to realign the intersection at Cedar Hill Road and Local Hillsboro Road just south of the school campus and to regrade the approaches to the intersection.

“That’s been problematic because of the really wet weather we’ve had recently,” Jonas said. “It’s at a sensitive stage. The grade needs to dry out for a couple of days before they start paving it, and we haven’t had a couple of dry days in a row. If we would have been able to get the first layer of asphalt down before it started raining, it would have been OK, but we can’t let the subgrade be wet before we pave it.”

Jonas said the $514,361 project is expected to be finished this spring.

“We still have three or four weeks to get it done before that time,” he said. “But there has been work done in the meantime with pipes and stormwater, so things are still happening there.”

The federal government will pay 75 percent of the cost of the project, with the rest paid for through the county’s share of a countywide 1/2-cent sales tax for road and bridge improvements.

Subdivision streets

to get attention

Jefferson County also has work planned over the next few months on streets in five subdivisions that were taken into county maintenance.

Jonas said damaged concrete panels in streets in Shelley Manor in Arnold, Whitehall Estates near Arnold, Mastodon Meadows in Imperial, Pine View Acres in House Springs and Capetown Village South in High Ridge will be replaced between mid-June and October.

Spencer Contracting Co. in Arnold was the lower of two bidders at $515,565 for the contract.

The project will be paid for through the county’s share of a countywide 1/2-cent sales tax for road and bridge improvements.