summons to appear

Arnold Police cited two men following an apparent road-rage incident that started on southbound I-55 near the Hwy. 141 overpass and ended on the Richardson Road exit. A 31-year-old St. Louis man was cited for allegedly breaking two windows on an SUV a 25-year-old Illinois man was driving during the incident, and the Illinois man was cited for allegedly backing up toward the St. Louis man after the SUV windows were broken, Arnold Police reported.

The dispute began at about 5:35 p.m. Sept. 28 when the Dupo, Ill., man said he was changing lanes in a 2008 Saturn Vue on the interstate near Hwy. 141. He said after he merged into a lane, the St. Louis man, who was driving a 2007 Ford Focus, made an obscene hand gesture at him, the report said.

Then, the St. Louis man reportedly sped around and pulled in front of the Vue on the interstate and slammed on his brakes, forcing the vehicles to quickly slow down from 70 mph to about 35 mph. The Illinois man said he then drove around the Focus and tried to get away from the car on the interstate, according to the report.

However, the St. Louis man allegedly again sped past him and threw something at the SUV, breaking the windshield. The Illinois man said he again drove away from the Focus, but the St. Louis man followed him onto the Richardson Road exit, the report said.

The Illinois man said the St. Louis man got out of the Focus on the ramp, approached the SUV and allegedly hit the driver-side window hard enough to break the glass. The Illinois man’s arm was cut by the shattered glass, according to the report.

After that, the Illinois man reportedly put his SUV in reverse and backed up, and the St. Louis man had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit, Arnold Police reported.

The St. Louis man was issued summonses to appear in Arnold Municipal Court for alleged fourth-degree assault and second-degree property damage, and the Illinois man received a summons for improper backing up, Cpl. Brett Ackermann said.