Festus Police patch 2019

Festus Police are investigating the attempted theft of a motorcycle from an apartment complex. It appeared the culprit used a rope to try to pull the bike behind a car, but after dragging the motorcycle a couple of blocks gave up and abandoned it. The 2006 Kawasaki motorcycle was found at the intersection of North Third Street and Benton Drive, Police Chief Tim Lewis said.

He said the motorcycle was stolen from an apartment complex in the 1000 block of North Third Street and was reported stolen at about 6:30 a.m. March 23.

“When we got there (to North Third and Benton), the motorcycle was lying on its side with a rope tied around it,” Lewis said. “We canvassed and got surveillance video that showed that around 4:40 a.m., a passenger car was seen dragging the motorcycle down the street. It looks like they couldn’t get it to start, then tied rope to it and dragged it. They gave up and left it lying down in the street a couple of blocks away.”

He said the motorcycle was damaged but was still running.

“There were scratches on it. That’s about it,” Lewis said.

He said the bike was returned to its owner, a 49-year-old Festus man.

Lewis said he did not have a value for the motorcycle.

As of March 30, no arrests had been made, Lewis said. He asks anyone with information about the incident to call Festus Police at 636-937-3646.