Angela M. McMunn

Angela M. McMunn

Angela M. McMunn, 47, of De Soto, the founder of the Jeffco Shop with a Cop organization, has been charged with four felonies for allegedly misusing charitable funds, authorities announced.

On Tuesday (June 11), the Missouri Attorney General’s Office filed charges against McMunn for three counts of receiving stolen property, two of them class C felonies and one a class D felony, as well as with unlawful merchandising practices, a class D felony.

Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Trisha Stefanksi said the case was turned over to the Attorney General’s Office “because they have more resources to prosecute the case.”

The charges were filed with the Jefferson County Circuit Court.

Between August 2016 and November 2017, McMunn allegedly used funds from the Jeffco Shop with a Cop program and a charitable fund to benefit wounded Ballwin Police officer Michael Flamion for her own personal use, according to the probable-cause statement in the case.

McMunn allegedly used more than $1,250 of Shop with a Cop funds for personal use, including volleyball fees, subdivision dues and loan payments. She also allegedly used more than $500 in proceeds from a T-shirt sales drive to benefit Flamion to cover her own personal expenses, the report said.

Jeffco Shop with a Cop was founded in August 2016 to provide local children in need with the opportunity to go Christmas shopping with an officer, the organization’s board president, Jessica Griffaw, said in a written statement.

“In early 2018, after a board member stepped down, Jeffco Shop with a Cop was reorganized, a new board was installed, and as part of that reorganization, there was a changing of financial institutions and a financial review was conducted. It was discovered during this changeover procedure that there were irregularities with the finances. We immediately took this information and turned it over to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s (Office) for investigation,” Griffaw said.

She said the organization has since implemented stricter financial safeguards and now requires two people to withdraw funds from the organization’s account. In addition, the organization’s balances are reviewed by three people.

“We are saddened to learn that a former board member may have taken a portion of the donations that were intended to be used to help vulnerable children and their families,” Griffaw said.

She also said the organization will continue to work “to make Christmas a little brighter for those who need it the most and be ever vigilant that all donations are used for the purposes for which intended.”

Jefferson County Sheriff Dave Marshak said McMunn was arrested Tuesday, booked and released on bond.

A $6,000 bond had been set in the case.

“Our investigators believe she used thousands of dollars from (Jeffco Shop with a Cop) for personal expenses,” Marshak said in a written statement. “When our agency was asked to participate in the newly reorganized Shop with a Cop, we immediately provided additional oversight to the organization. When allegations surfaced, our office immediately investigated.”

“Angela McMunn was not supported by/nor was ever associated with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office,” Marshak went on to say. “I’m proud of our investigators and analyst who worked with the prosecutors at the Attorney General’s Office to hold Angela McMunn accountable for the allegations that tarnish the Shop with a Cop name.”

Attorney General Eric Schmitt thanked the Sheriff’s Office for its work on the case.

“Their investigation led us to the charges filed,” he said in a written statement.

If convicted, McMunn faces between three and 10 years in prison for each of the class C felonies and a maximum of seven years for each of the class D felonies.