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A 41-year-old Arnold man who allegedly violated a restraining order multiple times over a two-day period was arrested after he allegedly threw a rock through glass on the front door of a house in the 1800 block of Pomme Road in Arnold. The man also allegedly kicked the homeowner and two police officers, Arnold Police reported.

Officers tracked the suspect to a home on Lantern Light Court and arrested him there at about 10 p.m. Sept. 11. Police previously arrested the man at the Lantern Light home on the morning of Sept. 10 and again the morning of Sept. 11 because the homeowner had filed a restraining order against him, the report said.

The suspect allegedly had been shining a flashlight into the Pomme Road home, and the homeowner, a 63-year-old man, went to the front door to see what was happening, and glass from the door hit him in the face. The homeowner was not seriously injured and refused medical attention, according to the report.

Glass on both the front door and the screen door was broken. The damage was estimated at $1,000, Arnold Police reported.

The man ran from the Pomme Road home to the Lantern Light Court home, where police found him sitting on the tailgate of a pickup. At first, he allegedly refused to comply when the officers told him he was being arrested for violating the restraining order again, the report said.

The man eventually complied with the officer, but after he was handcuffed, he allegedly kicked the homeowner as he was being taken to the police cruiser. The homeowner was not injured, according to the report.

Then the suspect allegedly resisted being placed inside the police vehicle and started kicking the officers. He kicked one officer between his legs, and he kicked another officer two times, damaging that officer’s body camera. Eventually, the man was secured inside the cruiser, Arnold Police reported.

The man was taken to the Police Station, where he was booked and released pending application for warrants, the report said.

Arnold Police will seek charges against the man for second-degree property damage, fourth-degree assault, fourth-degree assault on a police officer and violating a restraining order, Cpl. Brett Ackermann said.