Queens' kitten, Gracie

Nicole Queen of Festus says her kitten, Gracie, loves watching the world from a window at her Festus home.

This photo shows Gracie, a 13-week-old kitten, in her favorite spot at the window in her Festus home, which she shares with her owners, Nick and Nicole Queen.

“She is sitting beside this pumpkin decoration in September,” Nicole said. “She loves to sit there and look out the window and watch what’s going on outside.”

Nicole said Gracie has an outgoing personality.

“Gracie is sassy and spunky,” Nicole said. “She’s just a little riot. She’s very social. She loves to play and get into things. You open a cabinet, she’s right there behind you. You open any door, and she’ll try to get in.”

She’s friendly, Nicole added.

“She gets along with other people. She’ll sit right in their laps.”

Nicole said both she and her husband like cats.

“We have had cats before,” she said. “I like their personalities.”

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