Sweet 'N' Salty Popcorn

Leader food columnist Kathleen Brotherton says this Sweet 'N' Salty Popcorn is a great snack to serve at a party or any get-together this fall.

What would autumn be without popcorn? I know, popcorn is a great snack any time of the year, but it’s especially popular in the fall when it’s made into popcorn balls or when you sit outside around a campfire eating big, buttery bowls of popcorn. It’s also great to serve at tailgate parties or at home when you’re snuggled up in front of warm fireplace watching your favorite movie or sport team on TV.

This recipe has a slight kettle corn flavor with its sweet and salty touch. It calls for ingredients you usually have on hand, so it’s great to make for a quick, delicious snack for a party or when friends come over unexpectedly.

Once you’ve tried it, I’m sure this is one recipe you’ll want to keep in your recipe box!


10 cups air-popped popcorn

1 tablespoon butter

5 tablespoons instant vanilla pudding mix

1/3 cup light corn syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla

Dash of salt

Place popcorn in a large bowl. In a small microwave-safe bowl, melt butter. Then whisk in the pudding mix, corn syrup, vanilla and salt until smooth.

Microwave, uncovered, for 45 seconds or until bubbly. Pour over popcorn; toss to coat. Spread in a 15-by-10-by-1-inch baking pan coated with cooking spray.

Bake at 250 degrees for 25 minutes or until crisp, stirring once. Remove popcorn from pan to waxed paper to cool. Break into clusters. Store in airtight containers.

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