Patriot Trolley

Patriot Trolley revved up and rarin’ to go

Russ Hasty is looking forward to helping you have a great time.

Hasty and his brother, Ron, operate the Patriot Trolley, a 30-passenger vehicle now available for rent.

Russ Hasty, 57, is the primary driver, and gets a kick out of being an integral part of the experience.

“I get up and dance, do silly stuff, sing Happy Birthday,” he said. “Life’s too short not to have a smile on your face.”

The trolley got on the road about a month ago, but had some initial problems with the wheelchair lift.

“The lift needed some expensive parts, and it took a long time to get the parts,” Hasty said. “The motherboard ended up being bad, so we had to replace that as well.”

The repairs are completed, and the trolley is back on the road at full strength, with Hasty eager to work his magic.

“I drove the trollies in Ste. Genevieve, and I had a huge following,” he said. “The guy who runs the business told me something like 80 percent of the people who booked requested me.”

The brothers saw a need for a similar service in the Twin Cities.

“People were driving to Ste. Genevieve, having fun all day and then having to drive all the way home,” Hasty said. “We are giving them the option to get on the bus close to home.”

The Patriot Trolley hopes to host bachelor parties, family reunions and corporate events, as well as winery tours at $25 per person.

“Our wine tour is probably an hour and a half to two hours longer than the average wine tour,” Hasty said. “So we encourage passengers to bring along coolers and snacks.”

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