Juan P. Madrigal Jr.

Juan P. Madrigal Jr.

Juan P. Madrigal Jr., 33, of High Ridge has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for assaulting a woman he was living with in Barnhart.

He was sentenced on Wednesday (Oct. 13) by Jefferson County Div. 5 Circuit Judge Victor Melenbrink, after a jury found him guilty on May 6 of first-degree domestic assault-serious physical injury, a class A felony, and second-degree domestic assault and tampering with a victim in a felony prosecution, both class D felonies.

Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Trish Stefanski praised the work of assistant prosecuting attorney Molly Bravo’s work on the case.

“This is a huge win for domestic violence victims everywhere, especially during Domestic Violence Awareness Month,” Stefanski said. “Our community is blessed to have a passionate advocate in assistant prosecutor Molly Bravo.”

On April 5, 2019, Madrigal struck the victim in the face with his hand and strangled her repeatedly, causing her to black out. Two weeks later, Madrigal called the victim from the Jefferson County Jail and attempted to convince the victim not to cooperate with prosecution, Stefanski said in an Oct. 13 written statement.

During the sentencing hearing, Madrigal asked the court for leniency and mercy, and Bravo responded, “Mercy will ensure more acts of violence on the community,” Stefanski reported.

Stefanski said the victim of the April 2019 assault testified against a lenient sentence. So did a victim from a 2012 felony assault in St. Louis that Madrigal was convicted of in 2014 and received a four-year sentence. That sentence was suspended, though, and he received probation, court records show.

In the Jefferson County case, Melenbrink sentenced Madrigal to 25 years for the first-degree domestic assault-serious physical injury conviction and seven years each for the second-degree domestic assault and tampering with a victim convictions. However, all three terms are to be served concurrently, or at the same time, Stefanski reported.