Valley View Glades Natural Area

Valley View Glades Natural Area

Hillsboro firefighters and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office deputies found a woman who got lost while hiking at the Valley View Glades Natural Area along Hwy. B in the Hillsboro area the evening of Mother’s Day, May 8.

Hillsboro Fire Chief Brian Gaudet said it had gotten dark while the 28-year-old woman was on the trail, which made it difficult for her to find her way out.

“We got her call at 8:09 p.m. and had her out of there by 9:02 p.m.,” Gaudet said. “She was not hurt. We had the victim send us a picture from where she was and located her using a Google map. The (natural area) backs up to Raintree subdivision, and we led her out to Raintree and drove her back to her car.”

He said it is not uncommon to get calls to help someone on the trail because of its rugged terrain.

It is not an easy trail to hike, Gaudet added.

“I would say four or five times a year we have to get someone out of there,” he said. “We’ve had people who are injured or get lost due to the terrain.”

He said the lay of the land along the trail can be confusing, especially as the sun goes down.

“(The 28-year-old woman) didn’t wander off the trail,” Gaudet said. “It just got dark.”