scam alert

De Soto Police Chief Jeff McCreary is warning residents to be wary of scammers who call and ask for personal information.

His warning comes on the heels of a phone scam that resulted in the theft of $600 from a 57-year-old De Soto man.

The victim reported the incident on April 22.

“It was a phone scam where (the scammers) said they were from Amazon security and that someone had used his credit card to make $1,500 in charges on Amazon,” McCreary said. “They told him to download an app to send them information. At some point, they said they wanted a photo of his driver’s license.

“This is just another way they can get the information.”

McCreary said after the victim sent a copy of his driver’s license and downloaded the app as directed, the scammer downloaded two other apps to the victim’s phone that allowed the culprit to charge $600 to the victim’s account.

McCreary said it’s difficult for law enforcement agencies to track down those kinds of scammers because they typically make the calls from abroad.

However, people can avoid becoming victims of scams by refusing to supply personal information.