A 41-year-old Eureka man was left with a broken jaw after a fight erupted during a billiards tournament at a High Ridge bar. A 34-year-old Pevely man allegedly punched the victim in the face, causing the injury, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reported.

The incident occurred shortly after midnight April 26 at the Hot Spot bar, 2911 High Ridge Blvd., in High Ridge, the report said.

The Eureka man told investigators he was attacked because he was a better billiards player than the Pevely man. Witnesses said the Pevely man became angry after losing his spot in the tournament, and when bar staff told the suspect to leave, “he threw his pool cue several times and left the business,” according to the report.

The Pevely man also allegedly used his closed fist to strike the victim several times in the face, causing him to fall to the ground and sustain an injury to his head, as well as the fractured jaw, the report said.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Grant Bissell said June 3 that the Pevely man had not been arrested and the investigation was still underway.