The Leader continues its Voters Guide for the Nov. 3 primary election. To assist an expected high number of people who wish to cast absentee and write-in ballots as early as possible, we will be posting profiles on candidates in contested races and ballot issues. The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot or mail-in ballot is 5 p.m. Oct. 21; the deadline to register to vote is Oct. 7. For information, call the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office at 636-797-5486.

Olympian Village voters on Nov. 3 can help the town welcome its first entry into the business world, Mayor Adrianne Hulvey said.

Both Proposition A and Proposition U need simple majorities to pass, she said.

Proposition A asks voters for permission to annex a small section of land north of the city limits that now is un unincorporated Jefferson County, Hulvey said.

“It’s 850 square feet on the north side of Hwy. 67,” she said. “It’s south of Athena School Road. It does not include the existing gas station (at Athena School Road and Hwy. 110). We were approached by an individual interested in developing the property for a retail business.”

She said no one lives on the property.

“This (annexation) will not involve any homeowners,” Hulvey said. “There’s not a thing there. Only Olympian Village residents will vote on these propositions.”

The name of the developer is not available for release at this time, she said.

She said any business would be welcome in in Olympian Village, which up to now has never had a brick-and-mortar business.

“There has been no commercial business in Olympian Village,” Hulvey said. “There is no business in the city.

“If it passes, the city of Olympian Village will have access to a little bit of commercial taxes.”

She said she could not speculate as to how much tax money the development would raise for Olympian Village, but does not expect it to be much.

“It would be a small supplement,” Hulvey said. “There are no windfalls around these parts.”

Otherwise, annexing the property should not significantly affect Olympian Village residents, she said.

“Most of the services (for a business locating in the annexed area) will continue to be provided by the county, like their emergency services and water,” she said.

She said Proposition U has to do with the sale of the Olympian Village wastewater treatment plant and system.

Voters are being asked to establish a business license tax on utilities, including companies supplying public utility services, of 5 percent for residential customers and 5 percent for nonresidential customers.

Olympian Village voters approved a June 2 ballot measure asking permission to sell the city’s wastewater treatment system.

“We have accepted an RFP – request for proposal – from a company to buy the wastewater system,” Hulvey said. “The tax would provide the city with money for the general fund from each connection. There are 274 connections, approximately.”

She said she could not provide the name of the potential buyer of the system at this time.

Hulvey said she is not aware of any organized opposition to either proposition.

“We had a public hearing on these,” she said. “No residents complained.”