Jennifer Brickhaus' granddog, Dory

Jennifer Brickhaus of Festus sent in this photo of her granddog, Dory.

Dory, a 9-year-old purebred pug, often can be found reclining on the couch, said Jennifer Brickhaus of Festus, whose daughter owns the dog.

“She is a very loving dog, but very lazy,” Brickhaus said. “She likes to nap. She likes to sunbathe. She likes us to put her bed by the door so she can watch the neighborhood.

“She loves her momma, which is my daughter, Lily, who’s 18.”

Dory can be playful but does not enjoy the water.

“She likes to play tug of war,” Brickhaus said. “She hates to swim.”

Dory needs some time before she will accept a new pet friend.

“If she gets to know other pets, she gets along with them,” Brickhaus said. “It takes a while for her to get used to them.”

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