Carbery girls and Daisy

Leader newspaper reporter Kevin Carbery submitted this photo of his daughters, Heidi and Holly, along with the family dog, Daisy.

This week I don’t have a reader’s pet to write about for the weekly Pet spot feature for the Leader website, so instead I’m writing to ask for your help.

For years I have handled the Pet spot feature and greatly enjoy talking to people about their animal friends.

I would estimate at least 90 percent of our readers’ Pet spot submissions have been about dogs, but I’ve written about many cats and a wide variety of other critters, including but not limited to: goats, donkeys, horses, cows, at least one alpaca and a variety of birds – a turkey, chickens, a rooster and some parrots.

For the regular feature, we ask our readers to submit a photo of their pet, along with a phone number so I can contact them for a little information. For a long time, I also used lists we had compiled of people who sent in photos of their pets for various contests and I would call those people for permission to use their photos for the Pet spot. In almost all cases, they readily complied.

Well, folks, I’ve run out of old contest photos and I only occasionally get an email submission from readers for the Pet spot.

So, I’m asking all those in the Leader readership area, which includes all of Jefferson County and the city of Eureka, who are interested in sharing a photo and a little information about their pets to email us at The paper will not publish the phone number. I just need to talk to your about your furry or feathered friend.

When I call a reader about a Pet spot, it’s generally a short, but pleasant, interview. I always ask about the pet’s age, breed and personality. I also ask if there’s anything special about the pet or the photo submitted and when and where the photo was taken. Other than that, I leave it open for our readers to tell me whatever they want about their pets.

For this story, I’ve included a recent photo featuring my daughters, Holly and Heidi, and our family dog, Daisy, who we’d just given a bath. Daisy, a pointer-beagle mix, will be 2 in October.

Right before the photo was taken, we were in our front yard while Daisy dried off in the hot sun. She does not enjoy baths and the girls basically had a wrestling match with her to wash her. My job was to rinse her off with the hose.

We still consider Daisy a puppy. She is energetic and playful. She loves for us to play keep-away with her with a ball as she runs around the living room. She is extremely quick and pounces on any drops.

We got Daisy about a year ago from the Missouri Humane Society. She is a rescue dog we were told came from Louisiana.

Many of the readers who have submitted Pet spot photos over the years stressed that their dogs or cats came from animal rescue facilities and they encouraged people to adopt rescues. I wholeheartedly agree.

We love our Daisy.

Please consider sending in a photo of your pet along with a phone number so I may continue to provide these Pet spots.