Beth McCormick's dog, Rambo

Beth McCormick of Cedar Hill said her mini doodle, Rambo, is turning out to be a big boy, rather than a miniature one.

Beth and Mike McCormick of Cedar Hill were surprised to learn their mini doodle, Rambo, was not going to be so miniature, after all.

“A mini doodle is a miniature golden retriever and a poodle,” Beth McCormick said. “He’s 18 weeks old and weighs 25 pounds. He’ll probably get to 50 pounds. He’s not as mini as we thought he was going to be. But, that’s OK. He’s great.”

Beth said she and her husband quickly fell in love with Rambo.

“He’s just got the best personality,” she said. “He’s sweet and smart. He’s got a lot of energy. We call him 'Rambo the Rambunctious.'"

Rambo leads an active lifestyle.

“He loves tug-of-war and fetch,” Beth said. “He loves to run around like a crazy dog.”

She said Rambo is friendly, too.

“He gets along with other pets, like my daughter’s dog and my sister’s dog,” Beth said.

The McCormicks are glad to have Rambo as a part of their family, Beth said.

“He’s really fun,” she said. “He’s just a great dog to have. We love him a lot.”

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