pet spot 11-19-19

Molly, a yellow Labrador retriever, would keep a raincoat on for walks in the rain, her owner, Sue Smith of High Ridge said.

Sue Smith of High Ridge said her late dog, Molly, a yellow Labrador retriever, liked to take walks with her owner, even in wet weather, that is as long as she had her raincoat, as illustrated in this March 2018 photo.

“I would walk her and she would use the raincoat when it was raining,” Smith said. “She kept it on.”

Smith said Molly was best friends with Zoey, her daughter’s dog.

“She had a cousin, a chocolate Lab named Zoey, owned by my daughter,” Smith said. “They got along well.”

Smith said she enjoys Labs.

“They’re sweet and gentle,” she said.

Smith said that although Molly has died, her memory lingers.

“She had a sweet personality,” Smith said. “I have fond memories of Zoey.”

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