Max, left, and Apollo in a photo taken in 2020.

Max, left, and Apollo in a photo taken in 2020.

Dana Totten of De Soto said her family’s dogs, Max and Apollo, are good buddies. They also are friendly with the Totten family’s cat, Monster Kitty.

Max is a 4-year-old Pitbull mix, and Apollo is a 7-year-old shepherd mix, Totten said.

“The dogs snuggle up on the couch together,” she said. “The dogs get along well and they get along well with our cat. Her name is Monster Kitty because she’s a brat.”

Totten said all three pets are valued members of the family.

“These babies bring pure joy and a little rotten to our family,” she said. “They’re all sweet babies. They complete our family.”

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