Five long-term care facilities in Jefferson County have reported at least one case of COVID-19, health officials reported.

Those facilities include Big River Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Cedar Hill; Festus Manor Care Center; Scenic View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Herculaneum; Fountainbleau Nursing Center south of Festus; and Woodland Manor Nursing Center in Arnold, according to the Jefferson County Health Department.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services says those five facilities have had a COVID-19 “outbreak,” defining an outbreak as any long-term care facility that has had one or more residents test positive for the coronavirus or one or more staff members who have worked at a long-term care facility in the 14-day period before testing positive for the disease.

According to the Health Department, the state’s dashboard keeps a running total of outbreaks, which means a facility may not have active cases anymore but is still counted in the total.

As of Wednesday evening (May 27), Jefferson County had 345 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, with 131 of those at long-term care facilities, which includes residents and staff members who live inside Jefferson County.

In addition, the county has had and 15 COVID-19-related deaths, and 11 of them have been at long-term care facilities.

Big River Nursing

The Big River Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and the Festus Manor Care Center are in “various stages” of outbreak, the Health Department reported.

On Wednesday, Big River Nursing announced 13 residents and five employees had tested positive for the virus.

“In early March we began screening all residents at least twice daily and all employees upon arrival at work for symptoms of COVID-19,” said Craig Workman, spokesman for the nursing home. “Residents who showed signs of a fever, cough or other symptoms were tested. Any employee showing symptoms was sent home and referred to their primary care provider. We eliminated all outside visitors and non-essential interactions with the public at that time. We also stopped all group activities and closed our dining rooms to meet social-distancing guidelines. Residents are encouraged to remain in their rooms.”

According to Big River Nursing, 11 of the residents have been isolated at the center and two are in a hospital. In addition, two staff members are recovering at home and three have made a full recovery. All 78 residents at the facility have been tested and testing was offered to all employees, according to the release.

Festus Manor

Festus Manor first reported cases on April 20, and at least five of the county’s 15 COVID-19 deaths were residents at Festus Manor Care Center, where at least 62 residents and 25 staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus, the nursing home has reported.

Other nursing homes

Scenic View and Fountainbleau both reported a single case and are now COVID-19 free, health officials reported.

Scenic View reported its case in March and Fountainbleau reported its case in April, according to the Health Department.

Woodland Manor has reported a single case and is currently doing facility-wide testing, the Health Department reported.

Of the 131 COVID-19 cases at long-term care facilities, 76 were active ones and 44 had been released from isolation, as of Wednesday, according to the Health Department reported.

People are released from isolation once they had recovered enough to be released from case management, according to the Health Department.

The minimum criteria for patients diagnosed with the disease to be released from case management is that they “are seven days past the onset of their symptoms, they have improved symptoms and they are fever free for at least 72 hours,” Health Department Director Kelley Vollmar said.

Residents in long-term care facilities go through two quarantine periods before being released from isolation, the Health Department reported.

In addition, 45 people in the county had been hospitalized because of the coronavirus, and 15 of them were from long-term care facilities had been hospitalized, according to the Health Department.