arnold police badge

The Arnold Police Department is trying to reduce in-person contact for its officers during the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The department posted a message Monday (March 23) on its Facebook page informing city residents of “certain alternative responses pertaining to citizen contacts” because of the virus.

Arnold Police encourage residents to call its non-emergency phone number, 636-296-3204, when they want to speak with an officer regarding reports where there is no immediate concern for personal safety, like calls about crimes that already occurred; theft of or damage to property where no perpetrator is present; or a monetary crime, such as an unauthorized use of a credit or debit card.

The Facebook post says an officer will take a report over the phone instead of responding to a residence.

Arnold Police also asked residents to call the Police Department before coming to its lobby at 2101 Jeffco Blvd. The post said services like background checks, job-related fingerprinting and the release of reports and records are being modified at this time.

The post says “nothing has changed regarding our response to emergency services.”

Arnold Police said residents should call 911 for emergency calls when an individual’s health and safety are threatened by a crime or disturbance in progress.

The post also asks callers to advise the dispatchers if anyone else present at the scene is experiencing flu-like symptoms similar to those associated with the COVID-19 virus.

“This will enable arriving first responders to utilize appropriate precautions and safety measures prior to arrival and contact with the reporting individual. Please remember that when an officer arrives at your home or business, moments earlier they may have just left an injury accident involving several people, a family disturbance, or assisting our partners at the Rock Township Ambulance District or the Rock Community Fire (district) involving sick or injured individuals. The more we are able to minimize individual contact the more likely we are to limit and eventually halt the spread of contagions,” the post says.

The post concludes by saying Arnold Police will “continue to patrol the streets of Arnold – its subdivisions, its neighborhoods, its businesses and its churches and schools, even if they are currently emptied. We are all in this together, and this is our home, just as it is yours. Our best to you and your families.”