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The Jefferson County recorder of deeds recently issued marriage licenses to the following people:

Keith Joseph Hertel, 55, Herculaneum, and Alberta Marie Taylor, 52, Herculaneum.

Jared Matthew Norris, 30, De Soto, and Jessica Irene Miller, 27, De Soto.

Wolfgang Louis Walter, 27, Hillsboro, and Patricia Cathryn Anderson, 25, Hillsboro.

Shawn James Loness, 32, House Springs, and Julie Christine Shipley, 37, House Springs.

Randolph Eric Fuerst, 57, Cedar Hill, and Mary Kristina Imhoff, 50, Cedar Hill.

Robert Ross McKervill, 32, High Ridge, and Lindsey Marie Noll, 37, High Ridge.

Kenneth Marvin Biggers, 74, De Soto, and Renee Anna Wilga, 71, Troy.

Jason Wayne Willard, 42, Hillsboro, and Jennifer Lee Busch, 43, Pevely.

Tyler James Burns, 28, High Ridge, and Tiffany Nicole Kroupa, 24, High Ridge.

Clayton Vincent Port, 22, House Springs, and Melanie Marie Wamser, 21, Hillsboro.