Arnold police patch

A 44-year-old St. Louis man allegedly stole a car from an Arnold auto repair business moments after being interviewed by investigators about the theft of a cash box from a pharmacy in the city, Arnold Police reported.

The man had been interviewed July 13 by Arnold Police detectives about his alleged role in stealing $1,295.87 in a cash box at about 5:15 a.m. July 11 from the CVS pharmacy, 2120 Lone Star Drive. After the interview was done, the man was released, pending application for warrants, police reported.

Detectives asked the man if he had arranged for someone to drive him back to St. Louis. The man told the officers he would figure it out, and he was released, the report said.

The man walked just more than a mile from the Police Station, 2101 Jeffco Blvd., to Christian Brothers Automotive, 2190 Church Road. At the auto repair business, he got into a running 2012 Chevrolet Impala that had just been serviced at the shop and drove away, the report alleged.

An employee said he tried to stop the man but was unable to. The employee identified the man in a photo lineup as the same one detectives had just interviewed, Arnold Police reported.

The man had been brought to the Arnold Police Station two days after he was arrested in St. Louis following his alleged burglary at the pharmacy, the reports said.

On July 11, a 43-year-old St. Louis woman drove the man to CVS in a 2007 Chevrolet Trail Blazer. The man went into the pharmacy and allegedly grabbed a cash box next to the register and ran out of the business, the report said.

St. Louis County Police attempted to stop the Trail Blazer on I-55, but the SUV drove into the city. St. Louis Police were able to locate the SUV because there was a tracking device in the cash box, the report said.

St. Louis Police eventually found the Trail Blazer abandoned and found pieces of the cash box smashed next to the SUV. They also discovered that the Trail Blazer had been reported stolen out of St. Ann, Arnold Police reported.

St. Louis Police officers were able to find the man and woman, who were arrested after a short chase on foot. The man and woman allegedly had the stolen money and the tracking device with them when they were arrested, the report said.

Arnold Police interviewed the woman first. She said the man had told her to drive to the CVS in Arnold, and he came out of the business in a hurry and told her to drive off, according to the report.

When St. Louis County Police were pursuing the SUV on I-55, she said the man threatened to hurt her if she stopped, so she kept driving because she was afraid and didn’t know what was going on, the report said.

When the man was interviewed by Arnold Police, he said he knew why he was being interviewed. He told the detectives that the theft was the woman’s idea, and he allegedly said he did go into the business and took the cash box, Arnold Police reported.

Arnold Police Detective Lt. Jason Valentine said the department is seeking charges against the man for stealing the car and first-degree burglary and stealing charges stemming from the theft at CVS through the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s.

Arnold Police are not pursuing any charges against the woman at this time, but St. Louis Police are expected to pursue a charge of being in possession of stolen property against her, Valentine said.