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Jefferson County Sheriff Dave Marshak has fired a deputy who was arrested about 5 p.m. Saturday (Sept. 1) in Crawford County after he reportedly became intoxicated and drove a motor vehicle that was not his.

Marshak issued a written statement today (Sept. 5) that said the Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested the deputy while he was in Crawford County for a float trip on the Huzzah River. The deputy was among a group of several off-duty officers and their families, including other Sheriff’s Office employees, on the float trip, Marshak said.

“This excursion was not sanctioned or supported by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office,” Marshak said. “According to what we were told, the former deputy was warned by other deputies to temper his behavior prior to this incident. I believe there was some real frustration on the part of the others who were simply there for a good time.”

Marshak said during the float trip, the deputy reportedly became increasingly intoxicated and fled the group to return to the camp site on his own where the float started.

“According to what we have been told, at some point (the deputy) drove a motor vehicle that he was not authorized to possess or operate and returned to the camp site, where a physical confrontation occurred with a subject (who was not a Sheriff’s Office employee),” Marshak said. “(The deputy) was subsequently arrested and transported to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Jail for booking (on suspicion of) of driving while intoxicated. It is possible additional charges may develop, but we have not seen the investigative report.”

Marshak said no member of the Sheriff’s Office would sign for the deputy’s release from jail and he was directed to call a family member.

“The deputy was immediately suspended, then terminated Tuesday (Sept. 3) after the holiday weekend,” Marshak said.

He said the Sheriff’s Office hired the deputy in October 2018, and he was assigned to the courts as a bailiff after a short stint on the road patrol.

Marshak said he was disappointed in the deputy’s reported behavior.

“This incident tarnishes the image of police officers everywhere, particularly our organization that works so hard to deliver professional services with a great reputation,” Marshak said. “On behalf of our organization, I apologize to our community for this incident that brought discredit to our county.”

The deputy will not be named until he is formally charged, and Marshak did not provide his age and town.