Little Dutch Creek at Crooked Creek in Cedar Hill was flooded over the weekend.

Little Dutch Creek at Crooked Creek in Cedar Hill was flooded over the weekend.

Heavy rain that swept through Jefferson County over the weekend led to flooding on several roads, which had to be closed.

Some of those roads were still closed on Monday, including Byrnesville road at South Byrnesville Road in Byrnesville, Corisande Hill Road at Harbor Hill Road in unincorporated Fenton, Cedar Hill Road from the access to Burgess Ford Road in Cedar Hill, Klondike Road at Big Bend Road in Dittmer and Little Dutch Creek Road at Dutch Creek Road in Cedar Hill, the Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management reported.

The Missouri Department of Transportation said on Monday that Hwy. BB between Ashley Hill Road and Three B Road near Cedar Hill, Hwy. W. from Hoene Spring to Twin River Road near Eureka and Hwy. AA from Weaver Road to the train tracks near Festus were closed, too.

The National Weather Service reported that about 6 inches of rain and 2 inches of snow fell between Friday and Sunday, Jan. 10-Jan. 12, with some areas seeing more rainfall than others.

The Office of Emergency Management reported that about 20 roads were closed over the weekend throughout Jefferson County.

“I think it was handled well,” Jefferson County Emergency Management Director Warren Robinson said. “The amount of flooding is always a toss-up with an event like this, especially when you are seeing so much rain over a widespread area. I do think we came out of this in a good way. It certainly could have been worse, when you think about the floods we have experienced in the past. Overall, it stayed about on track with the forecast we got coming in to it.”

Warren said could not predict when roads that were closed as of Monday morning would reopen.

“Some of these are being impacted by the Big River, and that is going to slowly go down over the next day or two,” Robinson said. “Some should be open before too long.”

On Monday, Big River and Mississippi River were expected to have crested with the Big River going up to 21.11 feet and the Mississippi River hitting 31.6 feet, according to the National Weather Service’s website.

The Meramec River was expected to crest at 30.6 feet on Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service reported.

The Big River crest delivered moderate flooding, and the Mississippi and Meramec rivers’ predicted crest level was expected to produce minor flooding, the National Weather Service said.

Other road closures throughout Jefferson County were:

■ Tom Frost near Catawissa

■ Little Dutch Creek at Hwy. NN near Cedar Hill

■ Ficken Road near Cedar Hill

■ Engledow Road at Engledow Springs Road near De Soto

■ Calico Creek Road near De Soto

■ Old Hwy. H near De Soto

■ Cedar Hollow near De Soto

■ Frederica Street at North 3rd Street in De Soto

■ North Main Street at Mahn Avenue in De Soto

■ Pillen Road near Dittmer

■ Browns Ford Road at the river access near Dittmer

■ Dry Fork Road at Hwy. T near Festus

■ Boyce Lane near Festus

“The National Weather Service did a good job letting us know it was coming,” Robinson said. “It looks like there was a little more rainfall at the Big River than we initially anticipated, but not a great deal. It crested about a foot above what was anticipated. We didn’t have too many call-outs for water rescues. I think folks heeded the warnings well, and that is what we like to see.”

There was minor flooding at Arnold City Park and the now-closed Arnold Golf Club, said Dickie Brown, the city’s Parks and Recreation director.

On Monday, Brown said Hollywood Beach Road in the city park, which is located off Jeffco Boulevard near the Meramec River, is closed.

However, he said the rest of the park is open.

Brown said the eastern end of the golf course, 1 Golfview Drive, had some flooding. The golf course closed after snow in December and will not reopen after City Council members didn’t approve a lease agreement on Dec. 19 with Walters Golf Management to keep the course open.

“We faired fine,” Brown said. “(Flood water) didn’t get up onto the main road or other areas (in Arnold City Park). I think we are going to be fine, and it will not affect the park at all. The golf course got a little water on the eastern end, which typically floods first. It was not a lot of water. It wasn’t severe, and there shouldn’t be a lot of damage because it came through pretty quickly. We are not going to have to anything extra at this time as long as the numbers hold true.”