Cup in Hand Kickball

Those interested in participating in the playground game kickball, but with an adult twist, may want to join a new “Cup in Hand Kickball” league offered by the city of Festus.

The twist is all players must hold a cup of liquid while playing and at least some of the cups may contain alcohol.

The co-ed league for people ages 21 and over will be played in a doubleheader format Thursdays from Sept. 9 to Oct. 28. Games will start at 6 p.m., 7 p.m., 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. The regular season will be followed by a tournament Nov. 4.

According to Barb Lowry, Festus recreation and tourism director, city officials learned of similar games taking place in other parts of the country and decided to see if there would be interest locally.

She said the games will be played under standard kickball rules – essentially, a baseball-style game, but with the batter kicking a large rubber ball rather than trying hit a baseball. The league will have an added rule – all players must always hold a cup containing a liquid in one hand.

“(The cup) can contain whatever they want,” Lowry said. “If they want soda, that’s fine. If they want water, that’s fine. If they want beer, fine.”

One of the positions on each team is “refiller,” someone designated to refill the cups of teammates to maintain the designated level of liquid in each cup.

“We’ll have a line marked on the cup with the level where it has to be filled,” Lowry said.

A Facebook post about the league Thursday (July 23) drew immediate positive responses.

“It caught a lot of people’s attention after the posting,” she said. “Now, if we’d only get a lot of people to sign up.”

Lowry stressed that the cups may contain any type of liquid.

“We’re not encouraging you to drink,” she said. “You just have to have something in your cup. You must keep the cup in one hand the whole time and try to catch the ball. I think it sounds fun.”

She said while city officials learned of the game being played in other parts of the country, she believes Festus is the first in this area to offer “Cup in Hand Kickball.”

“I’m not aware of anybody else in the county doing this,” Lowry said.

Teams are responsible to for providing their own beverages.

Lowry said teams may have rosters of 20, plus five subs. A team can have up to 12 position players in the field. A team must have at least six players to play a game.

Teams must always have a combination of men and women on the field.

She said the games will be held to about one hour. “The last inning has to start 15 minutes before the end of the hour,” she said.

The cost per team is $400 and fees are due Aug. 27. For more information, call Festus City Hall at 636-937-4694 or visit and click the “Around Town” button.