Eureka High School

Eureka High School was evacuated this morning (Sept. 4) after an automated intruder alarm mistakenly went off, Eureka Police reported on its Facebook page.

The alarm went off at 11:48 a.m., and the building was placed on lock down and some students, teachers and staff members were evacuated, the police reported.

Rockwood School District officials sent a letter to parents saying, “We had an UNINTENTIONAL intruder alarm at Eureka High today. As a result, staff and students either sheltered in place or evacuated, temporarily. Police responded and are on location at the school. Again, we have since determined it was an UNINTENTIONAL intruder alarm, and students are returning to classes.”

After officers checked the building, it was determined there was no threat and the alarm went off unintentionally, the police reported.

Students, teachers and staff members were allowed to return to the building and resume normal activity before 1 p.m., Rockwood executive director of communications Ales Fees said.

Currently, it is not known why the intruder alarm went off, Fees said.

The alert was the second time an alarm accidentally sounded in less than week at Eureka High. A fire alarm falsely sounded Aug. 29.