Leader reporter Katelyn Mary sent in this photo of her dog, Teddy.

Leader reporter Katelyn Mary Skaggs sent in this photo of her dog, Teddy.

Teddy, a miniature Australian shepherd puppy, loves to play with Frisbees, said Leader reporter Katelyn Mary Skaggs.

She said Teddy enjoys the life she shares with Skaggs and Alex Goelz at their Crestwood home.

Skaggs said Teddy has no interest in tennis balls.

“She’s a Frisbee girl, but we’re not catching yet,” Skaggs said.

Teddy, who’s about 6 months old, chases it and brings it back.

“She tries to catch it.”

Skaggs said Teddy appreciates her playtime.

“Teddy is sweet, energetic and is a peanut butter freak,” Skaggs said. “She loves spending time outside chasing squirrels and birds. Teddy and I also love to explore new parks and hiking trails.

“She also is a big fan of tug-of-war and belly rubs. Every day when I get home from work, she lays on her back waiting for a belly rub.”

Teddy, whose name is short for Theodora, has an amiable personality.

“She loves other dogs,” Skaggs said. “She’s good-natured, in general.”

Teddy has her own Instagram and TikTok accounts. Her handle for both is @ms.teddythe dog.

“We share cute photos and fun videos,” Skaggs said.

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