Lisa Puckett's grandkitty, Miolly

Lisa Puckett of De Soto said her "grandkitty" likes to get in mischief.

Lisa Puckett of De Soto said this close-up shot of her 2-year-old Calico cat, Molly, was taken while she was in hot water.

“It was taken a couple weeks ago at home,” Puckett said. “She was on the kitchen table. She got in trouble for being on the kitchen table. I had gotten a package delivered and put it there and she was nosy.”

Molly has an inquiring mind, Puckett said.

“She’s a stinker,” Puckett said. “She likes to open doors. She can open the ones with the kind of handles you push down. She’s very smart.”

Puckett said Molly is actually her daughter’s pet.

“Molly is my grandkitty. She’s been staying with me during quarantine. She’s my daughter’s cat and my daughter has been home from college because of the COVID lockdown.”

Puckett said she has a cat named Bella, who had to adjust to the new house guest.

“Molly gets along with my cat, Bella. At first, they didn’t get along. Then, they realized they had to be together, so they worked it out,” Puckett said.

Both cats are valued members of the family, she said.

“We love our cats very much.”

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