Carl Zavorka of Hillsboro sent in this photo of his Chihuahua

Carl Zavorka of Hillsboro says his Chihuahua Minnie Poo is "more human than dog."

Carl Zavorka says his Chihuahua Minnie Poo, who’s 3 months in this July 2012 photo, is “more human than dog.”

Minnie Poo, who is now 6, lives with Zavorka and his wife, Patti, in Hillsboro.

“She’s not like any Chihuahua we’ve ever seen,” Carl Zavorka said. “If you’d walk in the house right now, she’d be smiling at you.”

Minnie Poo has a pleasing demeanor, he said.

“She has the best personality. She’s not a yapper like other little dogs,” Zavorka. She’s an excellent traveler. She’s good in the car.”

Zavorka said his family had Chihuahuas in the past.

“We like their size,” he said.

But, Minnie Poo is something special, Zavorka added.

“She’s affectionate,” he said. “She’s a valued pet. She’s valued by the neighbors, too.”

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