Anna Daniele of Arnold said she favors black dogs.

Anna Daniele of Arnold said her family likes to take in black dogs because many others don't seem to like them.

Anna Daniele of Arnold said her family adopted Talli, 9, and Blessing, 2, largely because they are black dogs.

“They’re rescue dogs from Stray Rescue of St. Louis,” she said. “They’re black dogs and we always adopt black dogs. People have a phobia against adopting black dogs.”

Daniele said both are mixed-breed females.

“Blessing was trained by prisoners at a prison, I think in Illinois,” Daniele said.

Talli and Blessing are proof people should not have any qualms about taking a black dog into their homes, she said.

“In this photo, they’re waiting for a bone,” Daniele said. “They’re loving, very affectionate dogs. They have added so much to our lives.”

She said Talli and Blessing are good buddies.

“They get along,” Daniele said. “Blessing is more active. Talli is afraid of loud noises. We have to protect her when there are loud storms or fireworks.”

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