Samantha Robertson of Festus sent in this photo of her family's cat, Oreo.

Samantha Robertson of Festus submitted this photo of her family's cat, Oreo.

Oreo, a 21-pound cat, likely is a Maine Coon, the largest domesticated cat breed, said his owner, Samantha Roberson of Festus.

“We’re not positive about his breed. It’s just what the vet thinks based on his looks and size,” Roberson said. “He’s a 9-year-old Humane Society rescue cat.”

Oreo has a commanding presence, Roberson said.

“He is definitely king of the castle,” she said. “It’s his house and we’re all just living in it.”

Roberson said Oreo sleeps in a dog bed.

“He enjoys his (dog) evening treats and sitting in your lap, whether you have room or not,” she said. “His hobbies include napping, shedding copious amounts of fur, occasionally chasing the laser pointer and making deliverymen and repairmen nervous when they first encounter him.”

Sometimes Oreo reprimands Roberson’s sons, Will and Ben, Roberson said.

“He gets along with Will and Ben, but keeps them in line,” she said. “If they run around the house, he’ll swat at them.”

The Robersons appreciate their large feline, she said.

“Generally, he’s very sweet and wants lots of attention,” she said. “We love him. He’s our furry family member.”

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