Derrick Good speaks to R-3 board

Attorney Derrick Good, speaking on behalf of parents who object to a transgender student using the girls locker room to change while still physically male, asked the Hillsboro R-3 school board to reserve locker rooms and bathrooms for one sex only.

An overflow crowd apparently drawn by controversial topics led the Hillsboro R-3 Board of Education to move its monthly meeting Thursday night (Aug. 27) from the district LearningCenter to the nearby Hillsboro Intermediate School gymnasium.

At least 170 attended the meeting to protest a transgender student at the high school and to express criticisms of the high school girls volleyball team program, although it was difficult to determine how many attended for each topic and some said they came to protest both situations.

Neither topic appeared on the meeting agenda, but parents spoke of both topics during a visitors comments section of the meeting.

Several parents gathered outside the Learning Center prior to the meeting said their problem was not the presence of the transgender student, but that the transgender student is allowed to change in the girls locker room for gym class while physically still male.

“The way I was raised, I have no problem with a transgender, but he shouldn’t be in the women’s locker room until he has the surgery,” said parent Greg Wilson, 44.

One pair of parents spoke during the visitors comments section to protest what they described as abusive treatment of players on the volleyball team.

In addition to the two topics that drew the large crowd, representatives of Nurses to Go came to the meeting to speak against the district administration switching from that company to the Integrity Home Care Nurses for nursing services for students in special education. A motion for the board to approve Integrity failed with two yes votes, three no votes and two abstentions.

Board president John Stewart said the topics needed to be discussed in the board’s executive session following the regular session and that he could not comment on the matter.

A full report on the meeting will appear in Thursday’s (Sept. 3) edition of the Leader.