QT Eureka

On Nov. 6, crews were tearing down the QuickTrip building in Eureka.

The QuikTrip at 290 E. Fourth St. in Eureka is no more.

But fret not, loyal QuikTrip customers, a new, slightly larger gas station is expected to open in May 2021.

QuikTrip real estate project manager Gwen Keen said the new location at 255 Sommers Drive will have a 5,000-square-foot convenience store.

The previous station had a 4,000-square-foot convenience store and was closed on Nov. 4, Keen said.

“We’re really not adding that much square footage as much as just the overall building structure and layout is different,” Keen said. “It’s deeper as opposed to longer.”

Keen said the station will still have 20 fueling stations, but with a different layout.

Keen said the center aisle will have one pump instead of two like the other aisles. She said the need for a one-pump lane was made evident to her during a trip to Eureka.

Keen said she saw a firefighter filling up a firetruck, which blocked the other pump.

“We’re putting one pump kind of in the middle for those longer vehicles so they’re not taking up the spot for two vehicles,” she said.

Keen said employees who were working at the Eureka location were assigned to other locations during the closure.

She did not know how many people worked at the Eureka location.

Keen said more employees will likely be hired when the new gas station opens.

Keen said the company acquired an old car wash behind the previous QuikTrip building in 2019 for the remodel.

The company demolished that building in 2019.

Sommers Lane, which sat between QuikTrip and the old car wash, will be shifted west and will line up with the entrance and exit at the driveway to a commuter parking lot.

Sommers Lane will still provide access to Walgreens.

The current empty lot on Fourth Street behind QuikTrip will be the site of a new McDonald’s restaurant. When that location is built, the McDonald’s at 12 Hilltop Village Center Drive off Fifth Street will close, company officials have said.

McDonald’s officials did not respond to a request for a timeline of construction of the new store.