de soto police badge

A rifle and shotgun stolen from a De Soto Police vehicle have been recovered and authorities are looking for three suspects. The guns were stolen between 11 p.m. Jan. 23 and 1 a.m. Jan. 24 from the car while it was parked on a De Soto street outside the officer's home, Police Chief Jeff McCreary said.

He said the suspects include an 18-year-old Hematite man, a 21-year-old De Soto-area man and 20-year-old St. Louis man. The suspects reportedly broke glass on the vehicle to get inside it.

McCreary said the rifle was recovered Jan. 26 inside the De Soto city limits, and the shotgun was recovered Jan. 27 at a residence outside the city limits. He said he is relieved the weapons have been recovered.

McCreary said the De Soto Police Department ordered new locking systems to secure rifles and shotguns stored in police cars a couple of weeks ago, before the theft happened. He said once the new systems arrive, they will be installed in all 10 police cars.