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The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging customers of iStorage Self Storage, 6215 W. Outer Road, in Imperial to check their storage units and report if any appear to have been tampered with or if any items are missing from them.

The request follows at least four burglaries at the storage business between May 22 and June 28, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

“Don’t just go to the locker and look and see if there is a lock on it,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Grant Bissell said. “Make sure it is your lock and open it up and make sure your items are inside. There have been locks cut off and others put in their place to make it look like everything is OK.

“If you have had your storage unit tampered with, please call the detective bureau because they are working on this.”

On June 28, the most recent victims told deputies a 75-inch Vizio flatscreen TV, a 65-inch Vizio flatscreen TV and power tools were stolen from their unit. The stolen items were valued at $2,100, the report said.

One of the victims from the June 28 incident said she had been at the unit on June 15 and everything appeared to be in it. The lock to the unit had not been cut, and none of the units or locks near the victims’ storage locker appeared to be damaged, according to the report.

The Sheriff's Office previously reported the theft of about $40,000 worth of comic books from a unit between May 22-28 and $1,500 worth of items from another unit between May 25-26.

In addition, the Sheriff’s Office reported that between June 5-13, numerous guns and other items valued at between $100,000 and $150,000 were stolen from a storage locker after the lock had been cut off and replaced with a new lock. The victim said 10 rifles, three pistols, electronic equipment, jewelry, tools and other items were stolen, the report said.

Anyone with information about the thefts or anyone who had items stolen from the units may call the Sheriff's Office at 636-797-5515.