Garey, Christopher

A 15-year-old House Springs boy has been found after he was missing for nearly a month, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Christopher Garey returned to a family member’s High Ridge home on Tuesday morning (Jan. 19), Sheriff’s Office spokesman Grant Bissell said.

“We worked with a family member, and our detectives confirmed he was all right and at a home in High Ridge,” Bissell said.

Garey was reported missing on Dec. 22, and after that, he was spotted once on Dec. 27, before his return this week.

Bissell said Garey did not appear to be harmed while he was missing.

Bissell also said investigators did not know why Geary left his home and it appeared he was trying not to be found during the period he was gone.

“The detectives involved in the search did a lot of work,” Bissell said. “When someone is making an effort not to be found, it makes it more difficult to find them.”