Kyle Wilkey

Kyle Wilkey

Kyle Wilkey, a Festus Ward 2 Councilman, faces five Festus Municipal Court charges stemming from an odd incident in April at the intersection of North Mill and West Main streets in Festus, court records show.

Wilkey said he could not comment about the incident.

At about 7:04 p.m. April 18, several officers reportedly found Wilkey, who appeared to be under the influence of a stimulant, at the intersection, wearing nothing but orange swim trunks, according to the probable-cause statement in the case.

Wilkey reportedly was acting strangely, and his Jeep Cherokee was parked in the right lane of West Main Street, blocking the road. He allegedly refused officers’ orders to move it and instead “sat down in defiance,” the report said.

In addition, Wilkey apparently let loose four chickens in the area and placed a birdhouse decoration on a nearby street sign. He also allegedly placed other decorations in the nearby (Schneider Park), according to the report.

“Wilkey was sweating and moving at a fast pace from his vehicle to a street sign,” the report said. “Wilkey’s behavior was erratic as he would curse officers on the scene and then change and be calm the next second.”

Wilkey allegedly dropped a glass floodlight on the street, breaking it, and then reportedly ran aggressively toward an officer with broken glass in his hand, according to the report.

“I was in fear he would stab or cut me or the other two officers or the sergeant (who all responded to the scene),” a Festus Police corporal said according to the probable-cause statement.

After one of the police orders to move his vehicle, Wilkey allegedly told the officers he would rather slice them with the broken glass, the report said.

After officers told Wilkey they were placing him in protective custody, he reportedly cursed them and tried to walk away and then resisted arrest by flailing his arms and pulling away from the officers, the report said.

“Wilkey would not give us his hands during the handcuffing, and against his resistance, we had to struggle to get him into custody,” the reporting officer said in the report.

In addition to the items Wilkey allegedly placed at the park, items were found in the street in front of his home on Flora Drive, the report said.

Wilkey was charged July 7 with one count each of resisting arrest; parking in a prohibited place; littering; violating the animal leash law; and failing to comply with a lawful request, all Festus ordinance violations.

However, the Jefferson County Circuit Court handles Festus Municipal Court cases, and Wilkey is scheduled to appear at 9 a.m. Sept. 21 before Div. 14 Associate Circuit Court Judge Timothy Scott Miller, according to court records.

Festus city officials said a special prosecutor has been brought in to handle the case.

Festus City Administrator Greg Camp said he could not comment on the case because it’s “an active investigation.”