Lake Tishomingo

A view of part of Lake Tishomingo in the Hillsboro area.

A St. Louis man died Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 9) after an SUV he was sitting in rolled into Lake Tishomingo in the Hillsboro area, the Missouri State Highway Patrol reported.

John P. McKenzie, 86, was a passenger in a 2015 Lexus RX 350 that an 80-year-old St. Louis man was driving. At about 3:25 p.m., the two were leaving a lake house in the 7700 block of Mohawk Trail, and the driver realized he had left something in the house after a fishing expedition. So, he pulled up an inclined driveway before getting out to go get the item, Cpl. Dallas Thompson said.

After getting out of the SUV, the vehicle appeared to shift out of park and rolled down the driveway. The Lexus then hit a deck post, spun around and went into the lake, the report said.

Thompson said the water was between 15 and 20 feet deep where the SUV went into the lake.

He said the incident has been ruled accidental but is still under investigation.

Thompson said it is not known how McKenzie became trapped in the Lexus. He said it also is not known why the SUV shifted out of park.

The driver’s name was not included in the accident report because he was not in the SUV when it rolled down the driveway, Thompson said.