.Pet spot: Sophie keeps herself entertained

Christina Valli of Imperial sent in this photo of her Boston terrier-boxer mix, Sophie.

Christina Valli of Imperial said her 3-year-old Boston terrier-boxer mix, Sophie, does not need playmates to stay amused.

“She’ll entertain herself,” Valli said. “She’ll take her toys and throw them in the air.”

Sophie also likes being around others, Valli said.

“She’s a sweetheart. She loves to snuggle. She’ll climb up on my pillow.”

Valli has another dog, Frankie, a purebred Boston terrier.

“She doesn’t get along with Frankie,” Valli said. “She did for a while, but the honeymoon is over. They’ll fight. I try to keep them apart.”

Valli said she adores Boston terriers.

“I like the comedy of Boston terriers,” she said. “They’re quite the characters, just the way they play. They’re active.”

Sophie has a distinctive physical trait.

“She’s unique with one blue eye and one brown eye,” Valli said.

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