Chartreuse the parakeet

Cassidy Waigand and her family have taken in a parakeet that recently showed up at their Arnold home.

Cassidy Waigand of Arnold said a parakeet recently burst into her life, and her family has since taken in the bird and named her Chartreuse.

“She flew into my family’s back door (on May 26), Waigand said. “We do not know where she came from. My family’s best guess is she got away from her previous home through an open window or door.”

Waigand said she and her family tried several avenues to find the bird’s owner.

“We contacted local animal control centers and even a local animal hospital,” Waigand said. “I visited a bird store a few days after my family found Chartreuse to pick up supplies and talk to a worker about avian care. The employee I found said I was the second person to come in that week regarding a rescued parakeet.”

She said Chartreuse is a welcome visitor, if not a permanent addition, to her home.

“Chartreuse is a bright and cheerful color,” Waigand said. “That describes my Chartreuse perfectly."

The parakeet enjoys singing or screeching – and sometimes dancing – to any new sound: birds chirping outside; music; TV shows and even phone calls.

Chartreuse enjoys seeds, treat sticks and millet, but turns her nose up at fruit and vegetables, Waigand said.

“When I am holding her approved food, Chartreuse and I work on hand training and getting her used to interacting with me,” Waigand said. “At this point, she has almost no hesitancy in hopping onto my finger, given I have a treat for her.

“Chartreuse will also investigate toys I am holding, even without any food present. Her favorite is a wooden star with strings attached; she loves nibbling the ends of the string.”

Waigand is trying to get Chartreuse out of her shell.

“Moving forward, we are still working on confidence,” she said. “Chartreuse prefers to stay in her cage, but with treats – and lots of patience – she is starting to realize the broader room isn’t so bad. She will eventually realize it gives her much more room to fly around.”

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