Stay Home Save Lives

The city of Festus announced on its website and social media Monday that it has restricted use of its parks to encourage people to stay home and help stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The city of Festus has closed vehicle access to its parks. The city also has closed playgrounds, sport courts and other amenities at the parks.

Those steps were taken to stem the spread of the coronavirus, and the closures went into effect at the end of daylight Monday (March 30), Festus officials announced Monday on the city's website and Facebook page.

“Parks will remain open, but restricted from vehicles. Please stay home unless you need food, medical care or your job helps provide essential needs to others,” the city announced.

“This is by order of the mayor (Sam Richards),” Festus parks superintendent Larry Crites said. “It’s until further notice.”

He said West City Park, the city’s largest park, is the one most affected by the closures.

“The police will close the entries to West City Park to vehicle traffic,” Crites said Monday. “Only the parking lot north of Al Brown Lake (in the park) will be open. The park will be open to foot traffic and bike traffic.”

Crites said the restrooms, playground areas and sports courts in all cities parks were being “taped off” and were not to be used until further notice.