Aldi store in Crystal City being renovated

The Aldi store in Crystal City is set to reopen on Friday.

The Aldi grocery store, 700 S. Truman Blvd., in Crystal City will close Wednesday (Sept. 30) so a remodeling project can be completed, and then the store is expected to reopen in November, the company reported.

The remodeling project began over the summer, and since then, the store has continued normal operations. However, the store must be closed to the public for the final stages of the project, said Rob Jeffries, O’Fallon division vice president for Aldi.

“In order to safely and efficiently complete the final remodel work, we need to temporarily close the store to finish construction,” he said.

Jeffries said the store is expected to reopen by the beginning of November.

Aldi has been renovating stores across the country.

“We’re in the process of remodeling more than 1,300 stores nationwide to ensure the design and experience match the high quality of our products,” Jeffries said. “The updated Crystal City store will feature open ceilings, natural lighting, environmentally friendly building materials and additional storage for even more fresh produce, meat and dairy.”