Metropolitan Plastic Surgery

Dr. James Scheu, left, says COVID-19 safety precautions, like temperature checks, are in place.

Options available: Plastic surgeon says many patients don’t need anesthesia, hospital visits

Dr. James Scheu of Metropolitan Plastic Surgery, 777 S. New Ballas Road, Suite 200 E, in Creve Coeur says he performs all kinds of cosmetic surgery without placing patients under general anesthesia.

Scheu, who has 35 years of experience, said performing surgeries without general anesthesia means there is no need for a hospital, which lowers the cost.

“If you go to the hospital for cosmetic surgery, insurance doesn’t help you,” Scheu said. “It’s all out of your pocket. So, you have to pay the anesthesia people to provide that service, and you have to pay for the use of the facility. This way people save a fair amount of money doing it with us.”

Scheu said having surgery without anesthesia can be safer.

He also said his office has an operating room, so he performs surgeries there, which eliminates the need to go to a hospital and cuts down on costs.

Scheu also said having surgery at his office can reduce worries about coming into contact with COVID-19 patients, adding that everyone who comes to the office for surgery must have a negative COVID-19 test.

“Nobody comes in without having their temperature taken. If they have any symptoms, we turn them away,” he said.

Scheu said his office is also “very observant of all the things about distancing and wearing masks. So, it’s probably even safer than doing surgeries in the hospital operating room.

“We are very diligent about cleansing all surfaces,” he added. “We use hand sanitizer all the time and, of course, we have sinks in every room so every time we have patient contact, we wash our hands.”

Scheu said Metropolitan Plastic Surgery, which he started 18 years ago, was closed for two months during the pandemic, but it is back open and taking new clients.

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