Sneak peek, Oct. 10, 2019, photo

Christopher T. Elliott on the set of the 2018 bank heist "Strike it."

■ Tracey Perry is back on the Jefferson R-7 School District’s Board of Education, and Jim Terry may get to stay on the Jefferson County Council. Special Judge Gael Wood on Sept. 30 dismissed the Missouri Attorney General Office’s conflict case against Perry (District 5, Festus) alleging that when she was elected to the County Council, she forfeited her seat on the school board. While the Attorney General’s Office says it considers each case individually, the ruling may have ramifications on whether Terry (District 7, Cedar Hill) can continue serving on the County Council. “I have asked an attorney to help me with the next steps, but assume I will win also,” Terry said. “We shall see.” See Steve Taylor’s Page 1 story.

■ Jefferson County native Chris Elliott’s acting and modeling careers seem poised to take off in a big way. Elliott, 36, appears in the Will Smith movie “Gemini Man,” opening this week, and has a part in the sci-fi series “Wildfire,” which premieres Nov. 1 on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime. “He’s a go-getter; he’s always been that way,” said his mother, Karla Elliott. “He has never been one to say, ‘Oh, I wish I could do that.’ He’d just say, ‘I can do that. I just need to figure out how.’ If it doesn’t work one way, he’ll find a different way.” Elliott, a Festus High School graduate, recently signed a contract to work on a Marvel movie series project being filmed in Atlanta. See Laura Marlow’s Page 1 feature story.

■ It has taken more than a year of planning and grant-writing, but Jefferson County will host a Pulitzer-Prize winning author this month. Caroline Fraser, who wrote “Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder,” will make three appearances – one on Oct. 16 and two on Oct. 17 – at locations around the county. Fraser won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for biography for her book that takes a close look at Ingalls, who survived a harsh childhood during the pioneer days on the Great Plains and grew up to write the best-selling “Little House on the Prairie” series. The theme of Fraser’s book is that Ingalls’ reality was much different than the soft focus in her series. See Mary McKinstry’s Page 1 story.

■ Festus city officials have told Deborah Buff of Festus that she will be fined if she keeps Princess Pickles, her pet pig, at her home on North Ninth Street. Buff, 44, had urged city officials to change its policies regarding animals so she could keep her 1-year-old mini potbellied pig, but they have decided against changing the municipal ordinance that prohibits exotic animals, wildlife or livestock, City Administrator Greg Camp said. See Kevin Carbery’s story.

■ The long journey to better flood control along Joachim Creek in De Soto took two steps forward last week, one educational and the other economic. The education came from a “flood seminar” organized by the city and the Citizens Committee for Flood Relief and attended by about 30 people on Oct. 1 at De Soto High School. The economic piece came from City Manager Todd Melkus, who attended the seminar and said afterwards that he plans to include more than $60,000 in the next two annual city budgets for a “Phase II” flood study that will build on the Upper Joachim Creek Floodplain Management Plan (FMP). See Gordon Bess’ story.

■ It all started in Heather Wegge’s garage. The Arnold resident purchased a golf course simulator machine and invited her friends to take part in a winter league. The 24-golfer league, which had four golfers on six teams, proved to be so much fun Wegge, 50, decided to make a business out of it. And so, the Wegge Golf Academy, 1356 Jeffco Blvd., was born. See Tony Krausz’s story.

■ Want to work closer to home? Want a job that better fits your skill set? Want a job that’s more rewarding? Want a job with more agreeable hours? Just want a job? If you said yes to any of those questions, or, really, have any job-related desires you’d like a chance to address, please come to the first-ever Jefferson County Job Fair. Admission is free. The fair is slated for 3-7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23, at the Fox C-6 Service Center, 849 Jeffco Blvd., in Arnold and is open to job seekers of all ages and in all stages of life. See Peggy Bess’ Page 1 story.

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*** See you at the Arnold Senior Expo, 8 a.m. to noon Oct. 9 at the Arnold Recreation Center.