wedding hands

The Jefferson County recorder of deeds recently issued marriage licenses to the following people:

Ryan Ray Kiefer, 39, Festus, and Shelby Lee Fields, 28, Festus.

Brian John Martin, 50, De Soto, and Kimberly Dawn Wright, 45, De Soto.

Anthony Paul Jackson, 26, Imperial, and Victoria Marie Price, 22, Imperial.

Brandon Michael Midyett, 34, Arnold, and Alyssa Anne Gilkeson, 38, Arnold.

Paul Jackson Ottinger Jr., 44, De Soto, and Tabithia Sue Ellsworth, 39, De Soto.

Terry Ray Guyer, 57, Imperial, and Kimberly Diane Hassos, 52, Imperial.

Chris Everett Johnston, 58, Hillsboro, and Jeri Lynn Atwood, 52, St. Louis.

Jarrid Brian Hamilton, 23, Hillsboro, and Savanna Deeann Nault, 23, Hillsboro.

Cody Daniel Helm, 25, Arnold, and Kateryna Shchepanska, 25, Arnold.

Brendan Patrick McCart, 22, Grubville, and Ema Lea Grace Moore, 22, Grubville.