wedding cake topper

The Jefferson County recorder of deeds recently issued marriage licenses to the following people:

Joshua Matthew Rice, 26, High Ridge, and Sara Anne Georgie, 26, High Ridge.

Joshua David Leahart, 27, Crystal City, and Katie Elizabeth Stacy, 25, Crystal City.

Frank Louis Mehrtens, 81, High Ridge, and Evelyn Bell Young, 76, High Ridge.

Timothy Paul Venable, 20, Rolla, and Hannah Grace Matlock, 20, Arnold.

Timothy Allen Dooley II, 30, De Soto, and Victoria Monique Hudson, 25, De Soto.

Joshua Daniel Dyrland, 27, Imperial, and Haley Elizabeth Pouliezos, 25, Imperial.

Christopher Robert Tevlin, 45, Cedar Hill, and Toni Maria Klaus, 38, Cedar Hill.

Tyler Maxwell Hicks, 25, Festus, and Alexandria Marie Jennings, 25, Festus.

Daniel William Kassing, 27, Imperial, and Nicole Christine Molly, 28, Imperial.

William Andrew Parrish, 24, Festus, and Karissa Marie Juliette, 23, Festus.