wedding cake topper

The Jefferson County recorder of deeds recently issued marriage licenses to the following people:

Scotty Lee House, 46, Stoutsville, and Sherril Lynn Clary, 43, Imperial.

Mark Alan Stubits Jr., 36, Hillsboro, and Julie Anne Partain, 37, Hillsboro.

Matthew Stephen Bonagurio, 36, Eureka, and Miranda Lynn Schaeffer, 25, Eureka.

Joshua Zane Hatraf, 30, Imperial, and Jaymie Elizabeth Storch, 31, Imperial.

Thomas Richard Mikes, 51, Cedar Hill, and Michelle Margaret Kobler, 49, High Ridge.

Bradley James Gibbs, 43, De Soto, and Jessica Marie Duvall, 39, Troy.

Kelly Ann Kittel, 48, Arnold, and Michelle Margaret Miller, 39, Arnold.

Todd David Chandler, 48, De Soto, and Leanna Jean Boyer, 44, Valles Mines.

Curtis Leroy Seabaugh, 62, Crystal City, and James David Sassman, 54, Crystal City.

Gary Matthew McKinnon, 43, House Springs, and Angela Marie Haas, 41, House Springs.