wedding hands

The Jefferson County recorder of deeds recently issued marriage licenses to the following people

Alexander Jeremiah Moser, 31, Barnhart, and Whitney Nicole Eckerle, 33, Barnhart.

Angerl Eduardo Gonzalez Lopez, 34, Festus, and Jamie Lyn Morrow, 33, Festus.

Oliver Ernest Martin Jr., 69, House Springs, and Rhonda Ann McCord, 63, High Ridge.

Justin Fisher Kruger, 43, Cedar Hill, and Rebecca Kathleen Bligh, 30, Cedar Hill.

Sean Michael Thurmond, 30, De Soto, and Heather Nicole Schaefer, 30, De Soto.

Jeffrey Layton Hall, 25, High Ridge, and Kayla M. Beebe, 23, High Ridge.

Jonathan Paul Reed, 24, Hillsboro, and Alexandra Noel Dueing, 22, Hillsboro.

Adam Christopher Cella, 34, Imperial, and Ginnylyn Marie Shumate, 29, Imperial.

Thomas Lee May, 38, Festus, and Melissa Marie McAnally, 42, Festus.

Mark Gerard Pruneau, 61, Fenton, and Mary Ellen Million, 53. Fenton.